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The handling of the Cara is indeed superb. Mazda describes the AZ-1 micro-coupe as a “handling machine beyond human experience” which is rather modest, isn’t it? But they do have a point even it is somewhat overstated. The different suspension in combination with a midship engine is a major advantage. Rear-wheel drive at least cures the overwhelming torque steer that the front-drive K-cars suffer. It’s made for hard-charging. This is pure Japanese hyper-bike technology. The steering has been set up for maximum feedback and a quick response to further enhance its agility. The Cara steering is quick at two turns lock to lock and plent lively with no weight over the wheels. The steering is so sensitive that smooth motorway driving is difficult, it belongs on a race-track. Experienced the unnerving Cappuccino oversteer tendency in wet conditions, I tried several times to provoke a break out the tail but without success. This gives the Cara a much more confident feeling controlling the car.