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When you start the engine you will hear the same Suzuki sound. It is only louder because the engine is situated directly behind the seats. Logic because the Cara engine is identical to the Cappuccino’s and it comes from the Alto works cars. But the AZ-1's turbo sound is much more distinctive.Arguably it is the best of the micro-rods in Japan of that time. Placed transversely in the Cara, the Suzuki engine is midmounted and mates to a 5 speed transaxle. At 7500 rpm, it’s producing a touch more that 63 bhp; peaks torque of 5,4 lbs arrives at 4000. The motor pulls well from idle up to 9000 rpm, the power falling off quickly after the power peak of 7500. Throttle response is immediate, the tiny turbo spooling up and delivering boost almost instantly. Every time you accelerates you hear a screaming sound of the turbo. When changing gear the exhaling sound of the dumpvalve cannot be missed. This sound gives a special sporty feeling but gives your ears no time to rest.