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Tokyo 1989
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The A-type looks like an old MR-2 that did too many cycles in the clothes dryer. From the rear it looks like a mini Ferrari. The car stands just over 43 inches tall, but the gullwing doors make falling into the bucket seat an easy manuever.


Inside, the white-faced gauges are sunk into four oval-shaped pods in a black control paneldirectly in front of the driver. The tach is the largest, with a digital speedo incorporated along the bottum. The rest of the dash is gray and adorned with nothing more than air vents. A portion of the side glasses down for making Italian hand gestures at drivers of larger cars, or for making change on the tollway. The steering wheel is small and thick, and is small and thick, and the pedals are drilled aluminium. The inner door handles are standard Mazda bits, just like those in the MX-5.