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In 1955, Suzuki made the first official k-car, the Suzulight. It had a total length of 299cm, width of 128cm and a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 359cc to comply with the very first k-car regulations of 300cm/130cm/360cc. There were four Suzulight variants available: coupe, hatchback, wagon and pick-up. Subaru was next in line, producing a k-car in 1958, followed by Mazda (1960), Daihatsu (1960), Mitsubishi (1961) and Honda (1967). Toyota and Nissan never made a k-car, even after the law was changed in 1976, increasing the dimensional allowances to 320cm/140cm/550cc. By March 1990, they were revised to 330cm/140cm/660cc (resulting in the cars featured here) and subsequently to 340cm/148cm/660cc from October 1998. Maximum power has been capped at 64bhp for the latest two generations, but that hasn't stopped some truly fun k-cars from coming into being.